Bones: Recipes, History, & Lore

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Alsatian-Style Pheasant 150
Apricot-Mango Glaze for Ham 77
Barley Marrow Pudding 241
Beaf Consommé 15
Beefsteak Fiorentina 24
Beer-Glazed Beef Ribs 29
Bone Cookies 243
Braised Beef Shanks with Grape Sauce 39
Braised Hock with Fennel Three Ways 80
Braised Oxtail with Root Vegetables 47
Braised Short Ribs 32
Breast of Veal 35
Brine for Pork 57
Brown Poultry Stock 131
Brown Stock 12
Cantonese-Style Steamed Fish 188
Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic 138
Chicken with Morel Cream Sauce 154
Chicken with Riesling 155
Chinese-Style Oxtail 49
Chinese-Style Spareribs 72
Clarified Bouillon 61
Coconut Chicken Curry 156
Coriander-and-Orange-Braised Elk Ribs 226
Court Bouillon 60
Crown Roast of Pork 70
Deviled Bones 28
Double-Bone Beef with Red Wine Sauce 22
Duck Legs with Cumin, Turnips, and Green Olives 157
Eel in Sweet-Sour Fruit Sauce 190
Fish Consommé 172
Fish Head Curry 178
Fish Soup 176
Fish Stock 169
Flemish-Style Rabbit 214
Four Bones in One Pot 37
Frog's Legs with Lemongrass and Chile 195
Game Consommé 208
Game Jus and Poivrade Sauce 211
Game Soup 210
Game Stock 204
Grilled Fish with Yellow Tomato Vinaigrette 184
Grilled Quail with Sage Butter 148
Grilled Sardines with Gooseberry Sauce 182
Guinea Hen with Raspberries 145
Halibut Steaks with Orange Cream Sauce 192
Herb-Glazed Poussins 140
Herb-Roasted Rabbit 218
Lamb and Barley Soup 97
Lamb and Jerusalem Artichoke Soup 98
Lamb Chops with Caramelized Leeks 109
Lamb Neck with Anchovies 122
Lamb Neck with Lettuce and Dill 120
Lamb Ribs 110
Lamb Ribs with Beans and Spinach 113
Lamb Roasted Over Potatoes 105
Lamb Shanks Cooked in Paper with Guinness 118
Lamb Shanks in Pomegranate Sauce 115
Lamb Shoulder Ratatouille-Style 101
Lamb Shoulder with Preserved Lemon and Dates 99
Lamb Stock 95
Lancashire Hot Pot Revisited 103
Liver Dumplings 209
Maple Tomato Glazed Ribs 73
Marrow Pudding 242
Millennium Rib Roast 26
Mustard Oregano Glaze 111
Mustard Sauce 62
Olive-Crusted Lamb Racks 107
Olive Oil Marinade 212
Orange-Campari-Braised Pork Shoulder 67
Orange Dijon Glaze for Ham 76
Orange Mustard Dressing 83
Osso Buco with Fennel and Blood Orange Sauce 41
Oxtail Consommé with Sherry 16
Panfried Whole Sole 189
Parsley Salad 44
Pig's Feet 82
Pig's Tails with Ginger, Soy, and Garlic 86
Pig's Tails with Lentils 87
Poached Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables 142
Pork Hock Cooked with Spiced Honey 78
Pork Stock 58
Pork with Caramelized Milk Sauce 65
Port Glaze for Ham 76
Post-Thanksgiving Soup 136
Poultry Consommé 133
Poultry Stock 130
Rabbit in Saffron Sauce with Spring Vegetables 216
Rabbit Stock 207
Rabbit with Cider and Mustard Sauce 220
Rack of Pork with Coffee Sauce 68
Red Wine Marinade 212
Roasted Bird Broth 135
Roasted Duck with Peaches and Cardamom 146
Roasted Marrow Bones 44
Roasted Rack of Venison with Cape Gooseberry Sauce 224
Roasted Squab with Fresh Figs 152
Roasted Veal Chops with Madeira and Parsnips 21
Roast Leg of Pork with Crackling 74
Roast Leg of Venison 232
Roast Wild Boar Leg in Sweet-Sour Sauce 230
Sardines on Toast 180
Sea Bass Baked in a Salt Crust with Fresh Tomato Sauce 181
Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb 114
Short Ribs in Wine and Balsamic Sauce 33
Skate with Butter and Caper Sauce 193
Skate with Grape Sauce 194
Smoked Hock with Black-Eyed Peas 81
Soy-Glazed Chicken Wings 160
Soy-Poached Chicken 163
Spiced Roasted Rack of Ribs 30
Spiced Salt 84
Spiced Yogurt Glaze 111
Spicy Korean Pork Soup 64
Spicy Steamed Chicken Feet 161
Split Pea Soup with Chestnuts 63
Sweet Potato Garlic Rouille 177
Tamarind, Pineapple, and Chile-Glazed Boar Ribs 229
Veal Shank with Sage and Mustard 43
Veal Shoulder with Salsa Verde 19
Venison Osso Buco with Quince and Ginger 236
Venison Shank in Rosemary-Wine Sauce 234
Wasabi-Coated Lamb Chops 112
White Veal Stock 13
Whiting en Papillote 185
Whole Fried Whitebait 179
Whole Roasted Monkfish (Gigot de Mer) 186
Wild Boar Chops Martini-Style 228
Wine-Braised Venison 222
Wings à la Coca-Cola 159